Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yesterday's needlework group

It was fun talking and laughing whilst needles flashed all over.

The group was 5 adults (1 male) and 4 children (all female). The male was there with his wife and he was a knitter. Pretty much, it was the same folks as the first unofficial meeting. A few folk were missing.

I was hoping we would have more people but it was fun as it was. The (children's) librarian spent most of her time helping one of the children with puzzles. One of the other girls started out knitting but quit after a few minutes. My daughter took her knitting with her but surprised me by crocheting. She made a cute choker in blue, white, and red. (She wants to go to France and has fallen in love with all things French.)

Everyone was excited about the fliers I printed from Crochet Kitten. Everyone in the group has pets and they all thought crocheting for critters is an excellent idea.

I sent the e-mail to the other group I mentioned but haven't heard back from them. I'll check their blog (at least by Friday) to see if they've posted any updates.

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