Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Link to photos of my tiny little baby hats on Ravelry

Who knew making hats could be so easy?

I surely didn't!


My Knit One, Save One hats.


Oct. 10, 2010
1:23 a.m.

Ah well...

I just realized you can't see my tiny little baby hats on unless you already have a Ravelry account. is free and it's fun. If you don't have an account, why not?

If you do have one, log in to see my tiny little baby hats.

And if you don't, here are a few:

Crocheting for charity

Last year I crocheted for two charities. It was my first time participating in such a way.

I felt good, knowing that things I created with my two hands and one brain would be appreciated and welcomed by someone somewhere on the planet.

The two charities I crocheted for were Save the Children and the Special Olympics.

I sent in 13 tiny little baby hats for Save the Children's "Knit One, Save One" campaign. Nine (crocheted) hats were mine and 4 (knitted) came from a member of a needlework group I belong to.

The 2009 Winter Special Olympics received 4 scarves from me, mailed this year but at least two were started last year.

I have photos somewhere... I'll post here when I find them. :o)

Someone once said that helping others is good for the soul. Who ever they are, they were right. I might never know what baby will wear one of my hats but somehow, our lives will always be bonded. And I might not ever know the athlete who will wear one of the scarves I crocheted but I hope s/he or she will love it as soon as s/he lays eyes on it, and feel like it was made especially for him or her.

My heart is full and I was thankful for the opportunities to help. I look forward to doing more crocheting for charity in 2009.