Thursday, March 13, 2008

crocheted item #1

I made this scarf in two colors. This here's the beige one.

It's a loose interpretation of a pattern I found online. There's also a navy blue one floating around somewhere, which is an even looser interpretation of the pattern. Or maybe I made the blue one first...

Either way, it was my first try at a pattern using the cotton thread I've been hoarding. (Thankfully, the jewelry I make with the cotton thread doesn't require a pattern.)

It was a tedious job, looking at the small stitches and using the tiny hook. One of my great aunts used to make beautiful doilies from white and beige cotton thread. I remember her glasses being very thick...

When she died (almost 15 years ago), her son gave me her collection of stainless steel hooks, bunches of the doilies, and a ton of magazines and pattern books going back to the 40s.

I still have the hooks (I used one to make the scarves) and the doilies but unfortunately I lost the magazines when I moved across the country.

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