Thursday, March 13, 2008

plans to meet others who craft

I joined recently. Not sure how I found it but I did.

I've joined a few groups already and I've been to one meet up. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Maybe because there wasn't much opportunity to interact with everyone and there didn't seem to be a real connection with those I sat nearest.

There was a woman I wanted to get to at the other end of the table. I thought she might have been around my age and wondered if we had any common interests (children, husbands, hobbies, etc.). Usually I mingle as much as possible at such events but that night I stayed in my seat. I know I was tired and felt a little stressed with my efforts to get to the meeting on time. (I was late.)

Perhaps an opportunity passed me by...

The older I get, the more I like to spend my spare time doing things that contribute on several levels to my happiness.

That's what I like about creating things.

When I make something that I love to look at and wear or something someone else might love to look at and/or wear, it makes me happy.

Meeting other people who share a similar interest is icing on the cake. So I plan to attend a knitting and crocheting meet up very soon. There's also a group meeting at our local library.

The good parts: they both meet close by and they start at reasonable times. ("Reasonable" meaning "day time hours". The older I get, the more I like being close to home at dark.)

Now I need to send an e-mail to the group of ladies I want to meet for needlework fun. :-)

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