Saturday, March 29, 2008


I gave away one of my homemades the other day. The ring above wasn't it but I can't find a picture of the right one. I know my daughter helped me take photos of it but I'm at a loss as to its location on my computer.

Well, it was made like this one, with several coils but the beads were different. The larger beads were brown glass and the smaller ones were bright blue. Or the opposite may be true.. But the ring was blue and brown.

The young lady who has been working on my teeth is studying to become a dental hygienist. We (the patients) pay the school but I don't think the students get paid. I know we don't give the students any money.

I thought it would be nice to give her a token of my appreciation because I was really really grateful to have my teeth put to rights and she did a good job.

So I put all my completed jewelry in individual baggies (most of them in the snack-sized bags), put all the bags in a plastic container, and let her pick something for herself when she was done with my teeth.

She picked a beaded ring and a pair of cowrie shell earrings that I'm gonna re-do for her. She's done with my teeth but I have to go back in a few weeks for the follow-up, so I'll take the earrings to her then.

If I have time, I'm going to crochet her a necklace too.

Friday, March 21, 2008

earrings - #3

I still have these.

Helia's Nimbus

earrings - #2

This is another pair I made some years back. They were a gift for my son's girlfriend.

I called them A Blush of Class.


I made these several years ago for my sister. The hooks are sterling silver. The beads are just cute regular ones I found at a bead store near my old job.

I called them Blushing Kisses.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yesterday's needlework group

It was fun talking and laughing whilst needles flashed all over.

The group was 5 adults (1 male) and 4 children (all female). The male was there with his wife and he was a knitter. Pretty much, it was the same folks as the first unofficial meeting. A few folk were missing.

I was hoping we would have more people but it was fun as it was. The (children's) librarian spent most of her time helping one of the children with puzzles. One of the other girls started out knitting but quit after a few minutes. My daughter took her knitting with her but surprised me by crocheting. She made a cute choker in blue, white, and red. (She wants to go to France and has fallen in love with all things French.)

Everyone was excited about the fliers I printed from Crochet Kitten. Everyone in the group has pets and they all thought crocheting for critters is an excellent idea.

I sent the e-mail to the other group I mentioned but haven't heard back from them. I'll check their blog (at least by Friday) to see if they've posted any updates.

Monday, March 17, 2008

so I'm over at Crochet Kitten...

...taking a look round.

I like the idea of calling local animal shelters about the possibility of making critter beds and mats, called Cuddles for Kitties at Crochet Kitten. I have some yarn in my stash that will make nice critter goodies.

Critters aren't critics either (usually) so I feel confident that they won't care if I don't follow the patterns to the letter. '-)

It's also a good home schooling project for my daughter. She can knit a critter mat or two or several for school credit.

* * *

Just got an idea!

I'm gonna take a few Cuddles for Kitties fliers with me to the library tomorrow. :-)

tomorrow I'm going to...

...the needlework group at our local library. I'm very excited about it. Although we met once before
tomorrow will be the first "official" meeting.

There won't be any structured instruction going on (because the library is not providing it) but I'm hoping the very experienced will help those of us who need help and we, the slightly experienced, will help those who need what we can show them.

Now don't laugh folks but I've been crocheting for over 30 years and I still consider myself to be an advanced beginner. I can crochet lots. But lots of what?

Almost anything I don't need a pattern for. Or anything I can make my own pattern for. Sometimes I write the patterns down. Most times I don't. Later I'm sorry. '-)

But I can talk about all that in another post.

I am very excited about tomorrow's group. I think I might take a few extra skeins of yarn from my stash, to give away or maybe exchange.

I'm also hoping to make a new friend or two. A real friend, who I can craft with. :-)

do you crochet? knit? sew? something else crafty?

I see from my visitor tracker that I have a bit of international traffic.

To my guests I say:

Konnichi wa
Ni hao
Om shanti

Do you craft?




Engage in some other crafty past time?

If so, we want to hear from you. Let us know!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

crafters around the world

I have a few friends who live overseas. Two live in Europe and the other lives in Japan. In all the years I've known them, I've never asked them about crafting in their lives.

The two in Europe are sisters. I'm pretty sure one of them doesn't craft at all. The other might but I really should ask her. At Christmas, I sent one sister a scarf I crocheted for her (she's my original friend and her sister is my friend by extension).

A few weeks later, I got a request for scarves for her sister and mom. (How could I have left them out? Silly me!) One is completed, one is almost done, and one I started and re-started a few times.

My friend in Japan doesn't craft either. But I'd love to know what kinds of things crafters are doing in her world. Specifically people who make beaded and/or crocheted jewelry, people who knit and crochet, and people who are making/modifying their own clothing.

My daughter and I have standing invitations to visit my friends but we haven't yet. :-( We don't have our passports yet (yeah. I know, I know) and I have no desire to get on a plane.

But I can still make the inquiries because I'm curious. :o)

crochet item #2

This was one of my earlier anklets.

Maybe it still is.

I'm not sure because I haven't seen it since I took the photograph.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

crocheted item #1

I made this scarf in two colors. This here's the beige one.

It's a loose interpretation of a pattern I found online. There's also a navy blue one floating around somewhere, which is an even looser interpretation of the pattern. Or maybe I made the blue one first...

Either way, it was my first try at a pattern using the cotton thread I've been hoarding. (Thankfully, the jewelry I make with the cotton thread doesn't require a pattern.)

It was a tedious job, looking at the small stitches and using the tiny hook. One of my great aunts used to make beautiful doilies from white and beige cotton thread. I remember her glasses being very thick...

When she died (almost 15 years ago), her son gave me her collection of stainless steel hooks, bunches of the doilies, and a ton of magazines and pattern books going back to the 40s.

I still have the hooks (I used one to make the scarves) and the doilies but unfortunately I lost the magazines when I moved across the country.

plans to meet others who craft

I joined recently. Not sure how I found it but I did.

I've joined a few groups already and I've been to one meet up. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Maybe because there wasn't much opportunity to interact with everyone and there didn't seem to be a real connection with those I sat nearest.

There was a woman I wanted to get to at the other end of the table. I thought she might have been around my age and wondered if we had any common interests (children, husbands, hobbies, etc.). Usually I mingle as much as possible at such events but that night I stayed in my seat. I know I was tired and felt a little stressed with my efforts to get to the meeting on time. (I was late.)

Perhaps an opportunity passed me by...

The older I get, the more I like to spend my spare time doing things that contribute on several levels to my happiness.

That's what I like about creating things.

When I make something that I love to look at and wear or something someone else might love to look at and/or wear, it makes me happy.

Meeting other people who share a similar interest is icing on the cake. So I plan to attend a knitting and crocheting meet up very soon. There's also a group meeting at our local library.

The good parts: they both meet close by and they start at reasonable times. ("Reasonable" meaning "day time hours". The older I get, the more I like being close to home at dark.)

Now I need to send an e-mail to the group of ladies I want to meet for needlework fun. :-)